KAMASEAN: Jurnal Teologi Kristen

Kamasean: Jurnal Teologi Kristen

Kamasean in the Toraja language is derived from the root word mamase (compassion and love to give). However, it is used in a broad sense, such as to bestow or use to pity. The interaction between the lover and the beloved is the part that wants to be highlighted. This insight touches on the essence of the relationship between God and His people as found in the Christian faith. Humans experience "grace" (gifted-grace) from God. God's mercy opens the way for humans to experience new relationships, new promises, or new lives with Him.

In His teaching, Jesus Christ showed how to live in the love that humans need to build good interactions with God and others (Matthew 22:37–40). Interaction in the spirit of love, declares God's mission in the practice of living a believer's life. Realizing the news about the Kingdom of God, compassion, transformation, and empowerment.

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Journal Title : KAMASEAN: Jurnal Teologi Kristen
Journal Abbreviation : Kamasean
DOI Prefix 10.34307/kamasean by  Crossref
Frequency : 2 issues per year (June and December)
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Online ISSN : 2722-8800
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Publisher : Institut Agama Kristen Negeri Toraja


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Published: 2023-06-02

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