Author Guidelines

General Author Guidelines

  1. The article has not been published previously or is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  2. The article should be typed in MS Word and submitted by submission online in the e-journal portal KAMASEAN: Jurnal Teologi Kristen available at
  3. The article should be the result of library research or field research related to the issues of the novelty of biblical theology, multicultural theology, church, and Christianity.
  4. The article submitted to the editorial team will be processed using a double-blind review system.
  5. The acceptance decision of this article is taken by the editorial team based on the recommendation from reviewers.

Structure of The Manuscripts

  1. Article Format: it can be written either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English in a print-ready format in Microsoft Word on A4 sized-paper (210x297). Paper margins should be set: left 3 cm, top 2.5 cm, right 2,5 cm, and bottom 2.5 cm. The article should range from 4000 to 5000 words including figures and tables (1.25 space). The manuscript is written in Cambria at 12pt size (except the article title) in a one-column format.
  2. The component of articles should meet the criteria of scientific research standards, including (a) title of the article (b) names of authors without academic title (c) authors' affiliation address (d) abstract and keywords (e) introduction (f) method (g) results and discussion (h) conclusion (i) references.
  3. The Title of The Article: should be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English and should not exceed 15 words, with News Goth CN BT, 15pt-sized font without subtitle of article.
  4. Names of Authors Without Academic Title: The author's name is written without an academic title under the article title in Cambria, 12pt-sized font. The space between the author's identity with affiliation and email correspondence is a single space. For an article with two or more authors, the correspondence should be marked with a number in the last name of each author. Using one email correspondence and giving mark (*) in the author's last name. For example: ……………1*, ……………2
  5. Authors' Affiliation Address: affiliation should be written completely.
  6. The Abstract: is written in English and Indonesian. The abstract must contain research objectives, methods, theory utilized, and also findings and discussion. For abstract written in English, it uses the format justify. For its English version, it is written using the rules of PUEBI in Cambria, 11pt, with a left margin of 1.5cm and a single space of around 150-200 words.
  7. Keywords: should be written under the abstract for each language and separated by a comma with 3-5 words.
  8. The Introduction: should contain an explanation of the problem research, the main question of the research, how to answer the question, and the thesis statement.
  9. The Method: used is in the form of an explanation of how to answer the main question of the research answered.
  10. Results and Discussion: explain the problem discussed, the theory used, the research result, and the discussion. Discussion is an analysis of the analysis findings both interpretatively, developing new theories, and modifying existing theories.
  11. Tables and Figures: If the article contains tables and figures, their placement should be on the centre page. For tables, the caption is placed at the top of the table. Meanwhile, for figures, the placement of the caption is at the bottom. Caption more than one line should be written with a single space.
  12. The Conclusion: contains answers to the main question of the research. Not a summary, and also put the question for further research.
  13. Footnotes and References: must be complied with based on Turabian 9th edition (full note) with using reference management MENDELEY.
  14. The template of articles can be downloaded here.